BTC was established in 1994 by Mr. David P.C. Chan and Dennis W.C. Choi, whom since 1979 and 1985 respectively, have endeavored in concrete repairs and the construction chemical industry, specializing in concrete protection products.

Ever since BTC launched her first self-formulated product in 1987, Bondtec SB33 íV a high performance bonding slurry admixture, the company soon gained a favorable reputation for her strength and expertise, to formulate and produce products which are uniquely noted for ease of use, reliability and great performance. Throughout her brief history, BTC has received much recognition form the industry experts, customers and competitors alike, as being a viable yet affordable alternative to the major leagues in the market place.

BTC has a simple corporate mission statement:

On the one hand BTC aims to satisfy local market demand for technologically-advance product system. This is achievable with the supports from her European partners who are technically competent and equipped with state-of-art research and development facilities.

On the other, BTC aims to satisfy both local and export demand by economizing product systems which are proven technologically mature; such systems may even be costly for production due to absence of comparative production advantage back in their home grounds, e.g., Europe or America . This is feasible for BTC in customizing localized productions to be coordinated by both her European and Chinese partners. The result, e.g., competitive prices, from such technology-transfers may even benefit the local market sectors due to proximity to China .

To date, BTC has thousands of customers, including Government authorities, international contractors, institutions in both public and private sector, and even some individual tradesmen. BTC also distributes her products globally, using resellers, under exclusively OEM terms. These resellers help provide support to thousands of customers in different countries.

BTC is committed to continue delivering and supporting product systems and services that only get better in a dynamic world. BTC's corporate headquarters are located in Hong Kong , with representative offices in Macau , and the major cities of China .

Building Tomorrow's Concept! That's BTC!